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Create website and apps

My name is Eric L. and I spend the time I have on web and mobile development. Mainly using AngularJS 1 and 2 at Thrinacia team for web. Finished Android Nanodegree on Udacity and will pursue becoming a better Mobile and Web Developer. There is still a lot to do and no stopping in learning.


Remind people of what they need to do

Hey focuses on sending your message to people at right location or at the right time. This aims to help people remember what they need to do later, or rather what they need to assign later. Task can also be associated with certain place so your parents can remind you to buy milk when you pass a supermarket.

Technology: Android, Firebase Database, Material Design, Intent Service, Alarm Manager, Google Places API, Google Awareness API


Share the images with people around you

The idea of Chatter is to allow you to upload images and only the people that are around you can see them. This app was built as one of the Android projects I created to learn more about the platform, API, and practices.

Technology: Android, Facebook Parse, Material Design, Location Service, Camera
Link: GitHub

Chirpin - Meet wonderful people

Chirpin was a website that would connect people and have conversation. It utilized Nodejs with to achieve real time chatting experience. This was one of the first sites I built that included the server aspect and the frontend development.

Technology: Nodejs, ExpressJS, JavaScript, jQuery,, MongoDB